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Dec 24 2016
by Akshara Nair

Winter 101: What Went Wrong in Fall

By Akshara Nair - Dec 24 2016

Fall 2016 should have been very special for most of us. Saying goodbye to high school and hello to college -- a new beginning, a new chapter in the story of our lives. Yet, we’ve had so many regrettable moments (I see you, Procrastination). 2017: A new year, yet again a new start and a new quarter. Let’s reassess those mistakes we had once vowed we wouldn't repeat, and actually try not to repeat them this time around.

1. I solemnly swear to use

If only some of us were aware of this God-sent website that would’ve spared us from ‘not-so-great’ professors…*sigh*. Rate my Professors is a website guessed it right, your professors are rated by many other students on the basis of their level of difficulty, textbooks used, grading system and believe it or not, their hotness ;)


2. 8 am classes- Bye bye bye!

‘You had 8 A.M. classes in high school,' they said… ‘you can do it in college as well,' they said. Absolutely not! Waking up to 46℉ on a foggy morning, would you rather get dressed and scuttle towards your class, or just snuggle up in bed and snoozing your alarm. Take my advice: Your earliest class should be a 10 AM one.


3. Roommate woes

Unless you live in a single, you’d be sharing a room with one or two other folks. They may be your buddies or just acquaintances. Needless, it’s safe to say that there have been times where you were just so frustrated with them that you didn't think you could breathe the same air as them for even one more minute! It’s happened to almost all of us during fall quarter, but it can be avoided. Try to adjust and compromise. Understand that not everything you do would be liked by your roommates and try to change that. Also, make sure you’re not the only one compromising and talk out your problem respectfully with each other. A positive atmosphere in the dorm has a great effect on your studies and well-being as well.


4. Jungle Juice is not ‘just juice.'

‘It’s just Jungle Juice!’...not when you’ve downed at least 8 cups. You don’t want to wake up to your shirt covered with specks of vomit. It’s okay to have fun once in a while and lighten up a bit, shrugging out all that midterm stress, as long as you’re not going to be an inconvenience to others and to yourself. Drink responsibly and make sure your friends do too.


5. Dude, where’s my money?

College debt: Another thing most of us have in common. You don’t realize how much you’re spending on Starbucks or even Forever 21 until you get your monthly credit card bill. Saving isn’t that hard, start with baby steps like reducing take outs from Panda Express or Dominos.


6. Hello Procrastination, my old friend.

Been there, done that, ‘nuff said.


7. Losing your ID card

It’s a pain and you’ve probably banged your head on the wall for doing so. Sometimes keeping it in your pocket, behind your phone case or even in your wallet doesn’t work. The only thing that can be done is to guard it with your life.


8. ‘Of course I can pull an all-nighter and then attend my lectures the next morning’

Psh. Please! This is one sin we’ve committed during those sly midterms and even during the dreadful finals. Save yourself from the endless stress and caffeine by studying beforehand, instead of keeping everything up until the last minute.


Al in all, Fall wasn’t that bad. Moments of craziness and endless laughter with your mates, those late night existential calls for help and dressing up for a party that was so hyped meant we could have fine while still young. We had the entire Fall quarter to make mistakes, so let Winter be filled with fun, but sans the mistakes. 

Lead Image: Natascha via Flickr Creative Commons. 

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Akshara Nair - UC Davis

Akshara is a freshman at UC-Davis from Dubai. She's majoring in Economics. In her free time, she binge-watches TV shows and re-reads Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the millionth time.

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