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Sep 15 2016
by Nicole Douangdara

What is Aggie Cash?

By Nicole Douangdara - Sep 15 2016

When you were applying for housing and choosing what meal plan to get, you came across something called “Aggie Cash.” You were probably asking yourself “what the hell is Aggie Cash?” and “why do I need it?” -- I know I was. Before you go choosing an unlimited meal plan and $250 worth of Aggie Cash, you have to know what Aggie Cash is first.

Aggie Cash is essentially a “debit card” for UC Davis students, staff and faculty members and it comes in three amounts: $100, $200 and $250. What this means is the amount of Aggie Cash you have in your plan is the amount that you are allowed to spend and receive every quarter. For example, if you choose to receive $200 worth of Aggie Cash, you will receive $200 for every quarter for a total of $600 of Aggie Cash a year. However, since Aggie Cash is like a debit card, you are allowed to add more money throughout the year. You can do this on campus by visiting the Dining Services Office located at Segundo Services Center, 3rd Floor, Silo Union or the Scrubs Cafe. You can also add more money online here.

Now that you know what Aggie Cash is, you should know that there are a ton of benefits and perks of having Aggie Cash. Aggie Cash can become very useful when living on campus. Aggie Cash can be used not only in the dining commons, but in the other dining services locations, such as Trudy’s, The Junction, Crossroads and restaurants within Silo Union. If you ever want to grab a quick bite to eat, Aggie Cash becomes convenient because you don’t have to worry about carrying cash. Not only is it convenient, but whenever you make a purchase with Aggie Cash, you get a 10% discount. It may not be much, but as college students, we need all the discounts we can get.

When it comes to choosing the right meal plan, it’s as important as choosing the right classes. Whatever meal plan you decide to choose, know that you must have at least $100 worth of Aggie Cash. If you feel like you won’t be eating at the dining commons and would rather eat at the on-campus restaurants, feel free to choose a smaller meal plan with a higher amount of Aggie Cash. Remember, you can always add more Aggie Cash throughout the year. Plus, even better, Aggie Cash will rollover quarter to quarter and year to year! 

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Nicole Douangdara -

Nicole Douangdara is a freshman at the University of California, Davis and is majoring in psychology. When Nicole isn't writing articles for Fresh U Davis, she spends her time working on her novel.

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