About Fresh U University of California - Davis

Fresh U UC Davis is an online publication specifically made for first-year students of UC Davis. We strive to provide relevant content, guiding students to the programs and resources unique to Davis and its surrounding areas. With this platform, we hope to create an even stronger Davis community that promotes inclusion and learning from day one.

Meet The Team

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Katerina Roth | Editor-in-Chief

Katerina is a first-year Food Science major. She hopes to go into either food research or product development. She is obsessed with dogs and her secret talent is naming obscure dog breeds (Tervuren or Alaskan Klee Kai, anyone?). She loves coffeeshops and going on hikes with her own dog, Lady. When not working, she spends countless hours binge-watching mystery TV shows on Netflix such as "House M.D." or "Psych".

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